Emergency Lighting Testing & Inspection Oxfordshire

Ensure your emergency lighting Oxfordshire is tested periodically to give sufficient lighting levels.

What is emergency lighting?

Anti Panic Light Oxfordshire

Emergency lighting is, as the name suggests, lighting for an emergency. Whether the emergency be caused by a fire where it is extremely important to not only be able to see your escape route clearly and enable people to locate fire fighting equipment. Or you experience a "power cut" - a break in the normal lighting electrical supply leading to sudden temporary darkness and the danger being of a more physical nature by means of people unable to see obstructions or panic.

Emergency lighting is usually required to operate automatically and give a sufficient lighting level to enable persons of all ages to evacuate the premises safely.

Hyden UK Oxfordshire emergency light testing

Emergency Lighting Oxfordshire Conversion Pack

Hyden UK will carry out tests in accordance with BS5266. Emergency lighting systems should be periodically tested and inspected to ensure all luminaries function for design lighting levels, duration and are positioned correctly for use in "power-loss situations"

Our testing and inspection service will include:

We will provide a fantastic service at very competitive price.

If you decide you would like to combine your emergency lighting testing Oxfordshire with any other of our services, such as fire alarm servicing or fire extinguisher servicing, it can be a great way to save money and keeps disruption to a minimum.

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